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Multitasking Wood Screw

Multitasking Wood Screw
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Product Description
Head type
Large Wafer Head
Hex Washer Head with Countersunk
Oval Countersunk Trim Head
Flat Double Countersunk Head
Pan Framing Head with Countersunk
Thread size: M5 to M10 (M6 to M8 wide-spreading)
Length: 50 to 400mm
Recess type: Phil, Pozi, Torx etc.
Head type: Flat double countersunk (CKS) with 6 nibs under-head, Oval countersunk trim head with 4 nibs under-head, Large wafer head with countersunk under-head
Thread type: 40° thread angle, milling ribs (U thread) and saw thread included, large pitch and thread with 1 slot etc.
Point: Slash point (cutting point, Type 17) etc.
Finish: Zinc Plated (Clear/White/Yellow), Coating (Dacrotized, Ruspert, Magni etc.)
Standard: EN14592, manufacturer's design etc.
Others: Case harden required, Bending angle 15° to 90° for option

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