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Self Drilling Screw

Self Drilling Screw
Product Description
Thread size: #4 to #1/4 (M2.9 to M6.3)
Length: 3/8" to 12" (9.5 to 300mm)
Recess type: Phil, Pozi, Torx, Square, Combo (Slot+Phil, Slot+Hex), Hex etc.
Head type: Indented hex washer, Pan, Flat, Oval, Wafer (Modified Truss, K-Lath), Bugle, Pancake etc.
Thread type: 60° thread angle, and Type ASD, Type BSD, Type CSD, double threads, Hi-Lo thread etc.
Point: Drill point #2~#5 (TEK 2, TEK 3, TEK 4, TEK 5), reduced point (#1 point), Spoon point, Drill point with 2 wings etc.
Finish: Phosphate (grey or black), Zinc Plated (Clear/White/Yellow), Coating (Geomet, Dacrotized, Ruspert etc.), Mechanically Zinc plating etc.
Standard: IFI, DIN7504, JIS, BS, AS, EN14566 or Customized designs available.
Others: Case harden, Drill-Drive test required

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